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MP3 WAV Studio 6.99

Burn, rip, convert, encode and play multiple audio files
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Newera Software Technology Inc.

MP3 WAV Studio is a suite of audio tools that enable users to convert, encode, play, rip and burn music files. The program practically contains every tool required to easily manage music files from one place and it supports all the popular audio file formats. Users can create playlists easily: it has a playlist box in its interface where the playlists can be created by simply dropping music files onto them.

A great thing about MP3 WAV Studio is that it has its own player, a ripper for extracting music from CDs, and a Burner for writing audio discs. These are great features since you aren’t required to download separate software to do any of these tasks.

In this release users will find a function that enables reading damaged CDs without any trouble as well as extracting the audio to WAV, MP3, OGG and other formats. Another improvement was made to the Burner, for it can now erase rewritable discs without having to use Windows or other software, plus it supports external burner drives such as usb / firewire. Another new feature of the program is that when converting from one format to the other the music tag information is kept.

Max Santillana
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  • Rips Music CDs
  • Supports & Converts to multiple audio formats
  • Erases re-writable discs
  • Reads and Rips damaged CD's
  • Burns music to CD
  • Creates playlists


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